About Eignaumsjón

Eignaumsjón was founded in year 2000, the first company in Iceland to provide comprehensive operational and management services for both office and residential buildings. With years of experience, Eignaumsjón has specialized in operating apartment buildings, residents’ associations and management associations. Eignaumsjón also provides varied services for rental companies in terms of operating and overseeing rental apartments.

Services to residents’ association

Bookkeeping and finances
Eignaumsjón takes care of collecting and managing the residents’ association’s accounts, applying for refunds for VAT, and provides consultations in terms of debates that can arise within the association, when a neutral partner can be of great value. This can furthermore encourage better and more open communications between residents.

Managing residents’ associations includes e.g. collecting of all payments related to the association, keeping the books and making annual accounts. We provide consultation for all residents’ association management, and seeking the most economical offers for each given project. Eignaumsjón makes deals for special discounts, the residents’ association, and the residents themselves, significant amounts of money.

Association meetings
One often underestimates how much time and effort go into arranging for and managing meetings for the residents’ association. We offer services to manage general meetings, preparation, meeting invites, and preparing accounts for meetings.

Services for Residents’ Associations
We’re in touch with tradesmen, assist with matters of insurance, find offers for cleaning of the communal areas – both inside and out, such as the parking area and garden. We’re in touch with residents to solve minor problems, provide suggestions for house fund and development fund fees, assist with writing statements for the seller’s position with the residents’ association when it comes to selling real estate, and many other things.

Eignaumsjón’s office is at Suðurlandsbraut 30, open Monday to Thursday from 9 AM to 4 PM and 9 AM to 3 PM on Fridays.

Send us a message directly to the following emails. Please specify the type of apartment building or property:


  • Report on change of ownership or residence
  • Information on payments to the residents’ association and remittance slips
  • Request for maintenance or service of contractors
  • Request for offers
  • Service enquiries


  • Communications with the residents’ association’s or management company’s treasurer
  • Communications with Eignaumsjón’s cashier

yfirlysing@eignaumsjon.is –

  • Requests for a statement from the residents’ association
  • Communications regarding residents’ association’s statement
You can also reach us by telephone: 585-4800 or netchat on eignaumsjon.is